How to put live video on your website?

Have you ever wondered how to put live streaming video onto your website/blog. Here are some simple steps to do just that.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up (upper left beside login) and fill in required data
  3. Fill in Profile data
  4. Fill in the Email Contacts and Twitter information if you want to publicize your new stream or skip this step with the small print at below the line
  5. Give your show a title. I’d suggest using your website name.
  6. Click Save Show – Do Not broadcast yet
  7. Customize any settings you wish at this time. This can be done later as well.
  8. Click “Go to Show URL” beside the Broadcast Now button
  9. Click Embed beneath the video screen, this will display your embed code
  10. If you want to allow comments to you live video click the “Embed chat with video stream” check box below the embed text.
  11. Click Broadcast Now once done customizing your show settings or after you title your show
  12. Click inside the embed text box and hit Ctrl-A (select all) then Ctrl-C (Copy)
  13. Open the admin section of your blog/website in a new browser window
  14. Create a new page, called Live Video or whatever you want it named
  15. Paste the embed code into your page and save it
  16. (Optional) For higher quality audio/video install the Flash Media Encoder
  17. You are ready to broadcast now. Click “My Shows” at the top pf the window
  18. Open your blog page if you want to test the view delay. I would not recommend doing this on a live broadcast, you will be distracted by the delay and the overlapping sound.
  19. Click “Broadcast Now”
  20. Clcik “Start Broadcasting” to broadcast. This will not save your broadcast unless you also click “Start Recording”
  21. When your broadcast is complete remember to click stop. At this time you will have the opportunity to save your recording or delete it.

I hope this was helpful to everyone. Feel free to ask questions if you need further explanation on one of the steps above.